The People of CPA

President Emeritus

Suzanne Lee


Ying Choi Chiu

Mee Len Hong

Yat Lee

Pong Louie

Yoke Chew Mah

Chau Wah Tang

Lai Mui Yu

Qiu Qing Yu

CPA Steering Committee

Dora Hui, Co-Chair
-Chinese Youth Initiative alumna and admissions officer at Concord Academy

Jian Hua Tang, Co-Chair               
-Former Power-One employee and resident activist

Howard Wong, Treasurer
-Massachusetts state employee and IT professional

Michael Liu, English Secretary
-Researcher at Institute of Asian American Studies

Ann Har-Yee Wong, Chinese Secretary                              
-Longtime community activist and workforce development counselor for City of Boston

Wai Chan
-Hotel Worker

Nancy Huang
-Chinese Youth Initiative member and student

De Sheng Liang
-Retired restaurant worker

Michelle Yee
-Child Welfare Attorney with Suffolk Superior Court


Lydia LoweCo-Director

Karen Chen, Co-Director

Mark LiuPrograms and Operations Director

Theo Belizario, Office Manager

Baolian Kuang, Community Organizer

Yusin Mok, Organizer

Wayne Yeh, Civic Action Organizer

Fiona Yu, Workers Center Coordinator

Shi Yuan Yu, Service Staff