Apply for Project AAIYA!

December 7, 2015

Meet new friends!

Build your leadership!

Get involved in the community!

Earn 20+ volunteer hours! 

Project AAIYA! (Asian American Initiative for Youth Action!) is a 10 week program of the Chinese Youth Initiative (CYI) where youth will build leadership and organizing skills through workshops, field trips, discussions and more! Learn about issues in Chinatown and the Greater Boston community and how YOU and other youth can make positive change together! Project AAIYA is created and led by youth for youth! 

Project AAIYA meets once a week on Wednesdays, beginning on January 13th, at the Chinese Progressive Association, located at 28 Ash Street, Boston, MA 02111. 

Application can be found through this link and are due on 12/31/2015:

For more information, email cyi at or call 617-357-4499. 

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