Drop-In Services and Membership Activities

We provide drop-in information, referrals and know-your-rights counseling on a wide range of issues.  Drop-in services include helping to read letters, make phone calls, and trouble shooting issues around consumer, benefit, and immigration issues.  We also help citizens register to vote, provide electoral  information, and help Chinese immigrants process their proof of living document to receive retirement benefits from China.  Drop-in services are available Monday-Wednesday 9AM-5PM and Saturday 10AM-12PM.  Consultation regarding worker rights is available on Mondays 1-3PM or by appointment.  Consultation on tenant rights issues are available by appointment.

Membership activities include a weekly “tea time,” field trips and social gatherings, as well as a variety of educational workshops and activities to promote US-China friendship.  Major annual events include

  • Lunar New Year Banquet
  • Chinatown Bike-A-Thon
  • Summer Picnic
  • Thanksgiving Lunch Gathering



January 16, 2019

CPA is Hiring!

CPA is hiring for three positions: Lead Organizer, Organizer and Services Administrator. Click here to read all the job postings.

November 1, 2017

Exercise Your Voting Rights!

Recently we have learned from many elderly Chinese-speaking voters that people came to their doors to help them apply for and fill in absentee ballots. These people collected incomplete ballots in unsealed return envelopes and asked elderly voters to sign the unsealed envelopes. Because the ballots were not sealed, it is possible that candidates may have been marked without the voters' knowledge or consent. Some voters were even pressured into applying for absentee ballots when they would otherwise vote at the polls on Election Day.