Exercise Your Voting Rights!

A Joint Statement from the Chinese Progressive Association and Chinese Progressive Political Action

November 1, 2017

運用你的投票權利!      Exercise Your Voting Rights!

近日, 我們從多名年老的選民中得知,有一群人到他們的家敲門,謂幫助申請和填寫缺席選票。據稱這班人收集了很多未完成。回郵信封未封口的選票, 及在信封上有選民簽名的選票。由於這些選票是沒有在選民面前封口,因此大有可能未經選民的同意下,籍此作弊,在選票上加以投選其他的候選人。 有些選民甚至完全沒有機會看選票內容,只在黃色信封簽上名,選票及信封便給拿走。也有些平常自己會去投票站投票的選民,都被施壓而申請了缺席選票。

Recently we have learned from many elderly Chinese-speaking voters that people came to their doors to help them apply for and fill in absentee ballots. These people collected incomplete ballots in unsealed return envelopes and asked elderly voters to sign the unsealed envelopes. Because the ballots were not sealed, it is possible that candidates may have been marked without the voters’ knowledge or consent.  Some voters were even pressured into applying for absentee ballots when they would otherwise vote at the polls on Election Day.


We know that some Chinese-speaking voters require assistance because it is difficult to read and complete the absentee ballot request form as well as the two return envelopes for completed ballots. The Chinese Progressive Association often assists voters with this process if they have difficulty with English or with reading and writing.

但是,我們希望提醒所有選民,你是有私隱權,有權選擇你的候選人,及確保你的選票沒有被篡改 。如果你有任何疑問應該找誰幫忙,你可以聯絡市政府的選舉部門人員,電話617-635-3893。選舉部門應該提供中立的協助。

However, we wish to remind all voters that you have the right to privacy, to make your own ballot choices, and to ensure that your ballot is not tampered with. If you ever have a question about who to ask for help, you can always contact the election department at City Hall for unbiased help.


  • 有權選擇誰協助你或拒絕他人的幫助
  • 有私隱權和獨立地標記你自己的選票
  • 無論是自己獨立投票或以其他人協助,你是有權自己畫上你要選擇的候選人
  • 有權自己封上缺席選票的信封,確保不被篡改

You have these rights when you vote absentee:

  • The right to ask for help from a person of your choice or to refuse assistance
  • The right to privately and independently mark your own ballot
  • The right to make your own ballot choices, whether independently or assisted
  • The right to seal your absentee ballot in an envelope to prevent any tampering



Neither the non-partisan Chinese Progressive Association nor the political action group Chinese Progressive Political Action would ever take away a voters’ incomplete ballot and unsealed return envelope. We fought for the Chinese bilingual ballot for more than 11 years because we are committed to protecting the right of every voter in our community to cast their ballots independently and free of unwanted interference.


Even if you have already applied for absentee ballot, if you choose to and are able to go to the polls on Election Day, you can still vote in person and your absentee ballot will be invalidated.  Please be assured that Chinese bilingual ballots will be available. Chinese bilingual poll workers are also trained to ensure your voting rights, so that you do not need to rely on assistance from someone campaigning for a candidate.  According to election law, campaigners are asked to remain outside the polls.

市政府選舉是一個很重要的機會讓我們能通過投票發表聲音,所以呼籲大家在    11月7日去投票和保護你的投票權利!

City elections are an important opportunity to make our voices heard, so we urge you to VOTE ON NOVEMBER 7 AND PROTECT YOUR VOTING RIGHTS!


For more information, call 617-357-4499.

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