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May 5, 2015

Displaced Tenants and Supporters Hold Tent City in Quincy Center

Hudson Street tenants and supporters set up a "tent city" in front of the office of First Suffolk LLC, owner of 101 and 103 Hudson St. based in the law offices of Matera Vopat Matera & Johnson in Quincy Center. Tenants are calling for First Suffolk LLC to stop the water shutoff, no demolition of their homes, and to be able to remain in Chinatown.

April 20, 2015

All Police Who Kill Innocent Victims Should Be Indicted

"Over the past half year, mass protests have erupted throughout the country. Protesters chant: Black lives matter! Hands up, don’t shoot. I can’t breathe. Enough is enough! What are these protests about? This past August in Ferguson, Missouri, police killed an 18 year-old black man named Michael Brown with an excessive use of force. He was suspected of stealing a pack of cigarettes from a convenience store. A police officer name Darren Wilson approached Brown as he left the store and asked him to stop. When he instead tried to run away, the police officer fired his gun twelve times. Eight of the twelve shots hit Michael Brown; yet, throughout the twelve rounds, Michael Brown had his hands up. Finally, the court decided not to indict the officer..."

April 12, 2015

Residents Call for Just Cause Eviction Policy

BOSTON (April 8, 2015) – “Up with the wages, down with the rents!” rang the shouts of tenants and community activists as they marched into City Hall Plaza this afternoon. Led by tenants who have been forced out of their homes by speculative developers, the march began on Hudson Street in Chinatown, where protesters called on First Suffolk LLC to halt its acquisition of historic brick row houses that threatens to displace low income immigrant families. Chinatown has experienced skyrocketing real estate values following the addition of nearly 3,000 luxury units in the past 15 years. Arriving at City Hall Plaza, speakers included tenants, foreclosed homeowners, and community leaders from Jamaica Plain, East Boston, Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan, who called for new policy solutions to the displacement crisis. Over 300 people next moved indoors to pack a city council hearing on displacement, community stability and neighborhood preservation, sponsored by Boston city councilor Tito Jackson.

April 7, 2015

Boston Globe: Chinatown, Immigrant Haven, Fights for Its Future

On April 1, the Boston Globe published a front-page feature detailing the history of Boston Chinatown's fight to remain a home for working class immigrant families. The article details the struggle of 103 Hudson Street tenants to stay in their homes whom the Chinese Progressive Association have been organizing and supporting.

March 6, 2015

Apply for the Chinese Youth Initiative (CYI) 2015 Summer Internship!

Are you a high school aged youth who wants to build your leadership and get involved in the Boston Chinatown community? Apply for the Chinese Youth Initiative (CYI) paid summer internship! Find your inner leader, get to know Chinatown, and learn about community organizing!

January 14, 2015

Chinatown/South End Collaborative Opens New Pathway to Whole Foods Jobs

Chinatown/South End organizations and Whole Foods released hiring results as the new Whole Foods store in the South End opened at the Ink Block development. The Chinatown/South End Collaborative launched an effort last year to increase local and minority hiring at new retail stores in the neighborhood. In total, 108 new hires were made with 64% living in the City of Boston with 19% living in the Chinatown and South End area. The new hires are also particularly diverse with 75% of them being people of color. Asian Americans are 26% of new hires.

December 17, 2014

Apply for Project AAIYA!

Project AAIYA: Asian American Initiative for Youth Action! is Chinese Youth Initiative's 10-week volunteer program that engages high school aged youth in becoming active leaders in Chinatown. Applications are now available for 2015 cycle! Application deadline is December 29th. Apply here:

September 11, 2014

Support R Visions!

The Wong/Yee Gallery of the Chinese Progressive Association is excited to announce a new project, entitled R Visions for Chinatown. R Visions for Chinatown will be a one-week series of temporary art interventions in Boston's Chinatown sited on or highlighting public parcels or vacant properties with potential for community development. Help us meet our goal of $7,000 to provide a stipend for artists!

June 20, 2014

Up with the Wages, Down with the Rents!

"Stop evictions and rent inflation—hear the call of the renter nation!" On June 10, Chants echoed down the street as Right to the City and the Boston Tenant Coalition held a rally and press conference today, announcing the release of The Rise of the Renter Nation, a national report on affordable housing. The press conference in the Four Corners neighborhood was one of nine actions taking place in cities across the country.


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